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Attention Veterans of World War II and Korea

Would You Like a Check for Up to $1,949 Every Month from the VA?

North Carolina Elder Law Attorney’s FREE Report Reveals the Surprising Benefit Available to Veterans to Help Pay the Cost of Assisted Living or Home Health Care

For many veterans in North Carolina, the rising cost of assisted living or home health care can be staggering.

The good news is that there is a little-known veteran benefit that can help you get the care you need without using up all of your hard-earned savings.

My name is John Peck, and as an Elder Law Attorney, I have spent countless hours helping people in North Carolina receive quality health care while legally protecting their family’s assets.

It never ceases to amaze me when I talk to the families of veterans how little they understand the VA’s benefit programs that are available to those honorably discharged veterans who are over 65 and are struggling with the cost of their care.

If you or a member of your family is an honorably discharged veteran who served at least one day during a period of wartime (the definition of “wartime” may be broader than you think), and if you are in an assisted living facility or are spending several hundred dollars a month or more on the cost of your health care, then you may qualify for benefits under the VA Aid and Attendance Pension Program.

To learn more about the benefits you may be missing out on, I would like to offer you a FREE copy of my informative report, The Nuts & Bolts Guide to Veteran Benefits.

Here are Just Some of the Secrets I Reveal…
  • How you may qualify for a benefit of up to $1,949/month
  • How the widow of a veteran may qualify for a benefit of up to $1,056/month
  • The asset and income limitations that you must meet in order to become eligible
  • Plus, you’ll learn how to protect your eligibility for Medicaid, should you need long-term nursing home care

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This free guide is an invaluable resource full of straightforward, easy-to-understand tips and strategies to help you make sense of the Aid and Attendance program and find out if you qualify.

My staff and I work hard every day to ensure that our veterans receive all of the benefits they’ve earned, and I appreciate the opportunity to give back by offering this free information to the people who it may benefit the most.

I trust that you will find the information contained within to be both educational and timely. Don’t delay…get your FREE report today!

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John Peck

John J. Peck

Attorney at Law