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We know that there are many challenges that seniors and their families face along “The Elder Care Journey.” Our primary goal is to assist these families in dealing with these long-term issues.

Over the years, we have worked with many families all over North Carolina. During the course of this work, we have compiled a list of resources we believe you will find useful.

North Carolina Nursing Home Guide

The decision to move a family member or a loved one into a nursing home is one of the most difficult decisions you can make.

No matter the reason, those involved are almost always under great stress. At times like these, it’s important that you pause, take a deep breath, and understand there are things you can do. Good information is available to help you make the right choices for you and your loved one.

The resources below were designed to help provide you with information and answers to the questions which I, John J. Peck as an Elder Law attorney, deal with on a daily basis.

Please feel free to use the following links below to download your free copy, and we encourage you to share it with others who might benefit from the information contained within.

Helpful Guidelines When Selecting A Nursing Home

Nursing Homes By County In Eastern North Carolina

Veterans Homes In The State Of North Carolina

Free Asset Protection Guides

  • “Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home!” — The North Carolina Guide to Medicaid

    Does your loved one qualify for financial assistance for his or her long-term care? Find out the steps you should be taking right now to protect your eligibility by requesting your free copy of our informative report, “Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home!”

  • The “Indispensable Alzheimer’s Resource Kit”

    If you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, you know the many challenges that this illness can present. Our complimentary resource kit provides you the tools you need to get your loved one the best possible care, even if you’re running low on funds or don’t know where to begin.

  • The “Nuts & Bolts” Guide to VA Benefits

    Are you an honorably discharged veteran, or the family member of an honorably discharged veteran? If so, you may qualify for a benefit of up to $1,949/month under the VA’s Aid and Attendance Program to help with the high cost of home health care or assisted living.

  • “Don’t Lose Your Wallet!” — The Indispensable Guide to Estate Planning

    If your goal is to protect your loved ones so that they are never out of money and never out of options, then this FREE report is for you. Discover the secrets and strategies you need to know to ensure that your family and your hard-earned savings will be protected!